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Email Marketing
How Can Auto Mechanics Use Email Marketing Software?

The automotive industry is intensely competitive, which makes it harder for small businesses to thrive during these harsh economic times. One way to edge out the competition is to effectively use email marketing software to increase customer service, encourage repeat business and expand your target market. MORE

Spam Complaint Refresher
Since a high complaint rate is one of the top reasons why email marketers cannot reach their audience, I thought it would be helpful to share some spam complaint basics. MORE

Email Marketing Campaigns for Local Radio Stations
The 21st century hasn’t been an easy one for traditional radio. Those traveling by car used to have no choice but to listen to the radio while driving, but today’s 30-somethings have never known a car without a tape deck or compact disc player and drivers of all ages can now plug their iPod into a jack and drive as far as they want without ever listening to the radio. MORE

How Can Cable Access Stations Promote Themselves Via Email Marketing?
In a media world in which fewer and fewer corporations control more and more of the mass media, local cable access stations have never been more important. Sure, when people hear the term “cable access,” they think of fictional low-budget slacker buddies Wayne and Garth producing “Wayne’s World” in a basement. MORE

Lawyers and Email Marketing Campaigns
The usual advertising medium for a lawyer is unfortunately not a very realistic one for the vast majority of legal professionals. Sure, everyone gets a kick out of watching television ads in which lawyers somberly promise to deliver the verdict you want or else their services are free. MORE

Promote Independent Musicians with Email Marketing
Independent musicians seem to have the best of both worlds: They are able to record the music they love without the pressures of dealing with a major record company operated by bottom-line minded corporate executives. MORE

Chiropractors and Email Marketing
It’s true: just like with the police, you never think you’ll need a chiropractor until you actually need one. And when you need one—oh boy, do you ever need one. As we get older, the odds of suffering painful back woes that won’t disappear with a simple combination of heat and ice increase. MORE

Promote Bowling Alleys via Email Marketing
In these tough economic times, inexpensive, old-fashioned family fun activities are becoming new again. And there aren’t many more traditional methods of entertainment than bowling. MORE

Email Marketing
15 Email Design Tips
Designing an effective email is not difficult, but it has a few unique aspects that should be considered in the design process. Regardless of design however, the message should be clear, simple and easily identifiable. MORE
Email Marketing
Get Your Email Marketing Campaign Started on the Right Foot
New email marketers are often at a disadvantage when it comes to learning the ropes of building a successful email marketing campaign. This can also be true for veteran marketers who have set their email campaigns on autopilot and are now seeing a drop in the effectiveness of their mailings. MORE
Help with Tax Complexities for Small Business
As a small business owner, you know that tax complexities have become a huge obstacle for small businesses to overcome. The Office of Advocacy of the United States Small Business Administration reported that businesses with less than 20 employees spend approximately $1,300 per employee in order to comply with tax regulations from the federal government, 45% more than bigger business. MORE
7 Tax Tips for Small Business
Small businesses have an especially hard time when it comes to taxes. Here are seven tips that will help keep you focused and could help save you money. MORE
Human Resources
Managing Lay Offs With Dignity
With the potential for layoffs facing more and more companies, the realities of laying off great workers is confronting many business owners and managers: owners and managers who have never before faced this hard act. To help ease the pain for the employees being laid off, the owners and managers making the hard decisions, as well as those employees staying behind, I thought I'd share a 5 Step approach that may help you, your employees, and your business. MORE
Does My Local Business Really Need a Website? Small Business Website Myths Revealed
When was the last time you used the yellow pages or any kind of phone book? We all have them (many of them) and there are times when it can be convenient -- if you know exactly what you are looking for. Hopefully you will even find a few worthwhile listings. MORE
Email Marketing
Seven Ways to Build your Email List
Building and maintaining email lists is a challenge for all email marketers. However, if done well and consistently, the rewards in terms of new business and customer loyalty can be great. The following outlines seven strategies for tackling the list building challenge. MORE
Case Study: Solutions For Women
In this harsh economic climate, finding a way to minimize overhead while still increasing revenue is key to survival for any business. Solutions for Women is successfully transitioning into a more stable financial position by utilizing various internet strategies, including Pay-Per-Click advertising, email blasts, search engine optimization and networking to increase both product awareness and sales revenue. MORE
Case Study: A premium shopping site increased leads by 750%
Business owners used to invest a significant portion of their budget on advertising to drive site traffic as a mean to make more revenue from their website. Faced with a recession, however, many small business owners were forced to scrutinize every nickel and dime of their spending, and resorting to aggressive advertising as the main vehicle to drive growth has become an unwise strategy to apply. MORE
PCs & Online Equipment
How to Successfully Execute IT Projects
According to a 2008 Gartner report, 15% of all IT projects failed that year because of high cost variance, while 18% were unsuccessful because they were substantially late. This means that in 2008, 1 in 3 technology projects failed. Why such a dismal success rate? MORE
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