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Case Studies

Case Study: Solutions For Women
In this harsh economic climate, finding a way to minimize overhead while still increasing revenue is key to survival for any business. Solutions for Women is successfully transitioning into a more stable financial position by utilizing various internet strategies, including Pay-Per-Click advertising, email blasts, search engine optimization and networking to increase both product awareness and sales revenue. MORE...

Tales of an Internet Scavenger
The author and his wife spent nine months and all of $250 starting a website. Here's how they did it—and a list of tools that they say will help those who also want to do it themselves. MORE

Business Continuity 101: Keep a Generator and a Roast Chicken Handy
The CEO of Seevast Corp. learned a lot when a storm unexpectedly dumped more than two feet of snow on Buffalo. Perhaps the most important lesson was that almost everything that will help a small business survive is done well before the skies turn gray. MORE

Re-branding Through Web Design
Fluidesign's reworking of Infinity Studios' website started with deep research on what would work and what wouldn't. The result, in some ways, even surprised the client. The lesson is that small companies should demand individualized attention from their designers. MORE

Independent Hotels Thrive Via the 'NetSmartBiz Select Exclusive
Traditionally, there are two ways to make it in the hotel industry: Work with a major chain or go it alone. Magnuson Hotels has championed a third option, which relies heavily on the Internet. The good news is that it works. The better news is that it's inexpensive and flexible. MORE

The Internet Delivers For Small Business
Big vendors and service providers used to be content selling to enterprises. The Internet, the great democratizer, is changing that...and everyone wins. MORE

Stan Coben & Global Link Partners
I´ve done over two dozen exclusive profiles of established privately held companies monetizing their past successes into the 21st Century. Stan Coben is the only interview subject I have been able to monitor for almost four years (we vacation in the same place) – so I have seen the conversion from a traditional mainstream company to one that takes full advantage of Cyberspace – getting the job done for his clients and having more time for his grandchildren. Read more

Daniel Elash
We interviewed Dan Elash - a frequent contributor to our newsletter - asking him to shed some light on the work he has been doing, creating a roadmap for family business success in the 21st Century. For the first time, Dan is sharing bits and pieces about his upcoming leadership positioning toolkit. It is only fitting that he does it here, since he has worked closely with the profiles presented in our newsletter over the past year. Read more

Wayne Messick, CO-founder of Family Business Strategies
Wayne Messick understands America´s family business owners, and he´s built a solid reputation in helping them understand how to profit from new technologies. Interviews with dozens of business owners who are embracing the Internet as a tool to help them grow – will be presented as weekly Featured Profiles in this newsletter. Read more

How do you react when CEOs are contacting you to request your product? For most firms, the answer is twofold: Celebrate for a few seconds. Then deal with the accompanying reality that you must deliver your product flawlessly. Recently, RISMEDIA took on the challenge- and saw its business skyrocket. Read more

How They Do It
The Euclid Industrial Maintenance and Cleaning Contractors Inc. of Cleveland has kept their business strong for over a century and four generations. What´s their secret? Family, commitment and loyalty. Read more

Neal Magaziner & Hughes Enterprises
Neal Magaziner & Hughes Enterprises
For over a half century, Hughes Enterprises has been a leader in the packaging industry. We had an opportunity to speak with company X, Neal Polin, to hear his thoughts on building a company through affiliate programs, tackling problems through peer groups, using technology, and the challenges of running a family business. Read more

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