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Ben Burkholder
It seems that the longer we work at something the more (hopefully) we know what we are doing. Unfortunately, that knowledge often locks us in. Ben Burkholder knew a great deal about management – on a global scale. But it did not keep him from making a 180-degree shift into a totally different world. Read more

Mitchells Offers the Perfect One-to-One Fit
Mitchells is a successful family-owned clothing retailer based in Connecticut. CEOs Jack and Ed Mitchell were honored last year by the Today show´s Matt Lauer at the UJA-Federation of New York Menswear Division dinner. The secret to their ongoing success is the personal, individual attention they give to each and every one of their 150,00-plus customers. How do they do it? Read this week´s profile to find out. Read more

JoAnn Hines & Women In Packaging
In the 21st century, more and more women are heading up family businesses. JoAnn Hines of Women In Packaging has spent over two decades promoting and encouraging the presence of women in the packaging industry. For family businesses, now is the time to take our daughters to work, and to tell her "Some day, all of this will be yours..." Read more

Tom Johnson, Johnson Commercial Agents
Tom Johnson, CEO of Johnson Commercial Agents, may not be using the Internet to grow his business per se, but he knows it´s a crucial tool for client support. Tom, one of the creators of MAFSI´s Technology Certification program, talked to FBNews.net about the MAFSI program, and about the way the Internet supports his 2nd generation family business.. Read more

Transport Services & Thunder Tech
Most family businesses are looking toward the next generation to carry the company into the future. For Transport Services, Inc., that meant relying on their son´s skills as a web developer to put them online. Read more

Ian Ginsberg, Bigelow Chemists
When my daughter and I meet for lunch in Greenwich Village, we always pass by Bigelow's Apothecary. I asked her if she shopped there, and she remarked that their Alchemy mascara is the best ever. (I had to take her word for it.) I spoke with Bigelow´s current proprietor, Ian Ginsberg, and the Bigelow´s story is both a fascinating piece of New York nostalgia, and a demonstration of the importance of change in business. Read more

Reily Foods
New Orleans, Louisiana, is the not only the home of hot jazz and Mardi Gras, it´s the home of Riley Foods Company. Founded in 1902, this 600-person family business, famous for-- among other products-- Luzianne ice tea, has withstood the test of time by keeping pace with the changing demands of grocery distribution and selling. Read more

World Wide Web Communications, Inc.
What do surgical supplies, a New Jersey Chamber of Commerce, a beaded handbag and a funeral parlor have in common? They´ve all gone online with the help of World Wide Web Communications, Inc. Read more

Arctic Wire Rope & Supply
Sometimes, opportunities come when you least expect them. Case in point: The Exxon Valdez spill took Arctic Wire Rope from a small company to the state´s leader in the rigging industry. In this profile, we´ll take a closer look at Alaska´s premier rigging and manufacturing company. Read more

Gold Data Management
Gold Data Management may be a young company, but it´s already in the fast lane for success. This high tech company understands the ins and outs of the cutting edge, but its growth and success are also a product of old-fashioned values like hard work and customer satisfaction. Read more

Miami Awning Co: Keeping Ahead of the Times
With its roots firmly in the past, Miami Awning has its sights aggressively fixed on the future. In this issue´s featured profile, we take a closer look at a family business in its fourth generation, meeting the 21st century with continued success and innovation. Read more

Helen Adamo
We have all heard the adage that "Necessity is the mother of invention.” For Helen Adamo, creator of WalkerAlls®, this phrase could be her motto. Read more

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