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7 Rules For Handling Cuts
Dealing with their effects, while bettering employee outlook. Read more

3 Keys To Building A Learning Organization
Creativity, empowerment and leadership are usually talked about as independent entities, but I believe they are intrinsically inseparable and the cornerstones of a learning organization. Read more

Getting goals going
No matter how resolute you are,the key to success is making a start, and that first step can be a doozy. How to begin? Read more

The missing ingredient in your sales plan? Another look at incentive compensation
You're confident that your products are innovative and competitive, your staff is well-trained and equipped, you are targeting the right markets, and you are paying your salespeople well. Certainly, the economy and the regulatory environment could be better, but they are out of your control. You had pretty complete information when you set your goals and you did your best to make them realistic. You've added a new sales contest, gone on the road to "pump up the troops," even accelerated some product development, and yet, despite all you have done, it looks like your goals were set too high again this year.
What gives? Read more

Doing It Right: Realize Your Company´s Potential
I´ve been consulting to business and industry for over 25 years. During that time I´ve worked companies ranging from the Fortune 100 to mom and pop operations. I´ve worked with sophisticated technology firms and Main Street family businesses. What has struck me, over and over again, is the amount of untapped potential lying idle in almost every company I´ve seen. Even in the most successful companies, there is often a great deal of room for improvement. Read more

Preparing for crisis
NO COMPANY CAN count on escaping a traumatic crisis at some time in its future. Acts of terrorism, workplace shootings, toxic exposures, natural disasters, or civil unrest can take place right in your own neighborhood. Yet with proper preparation, you can mitigate the effects that catastrophes have on your organization. Read more

Strategic liability
The corporate blowtorch that has for so long been trained on employees, with massive redundancies, and customers, with depleted services, has now been pointed at senior management - with a vengeance. But this time it's different. It's not just "management" that's being labelled "crooked" and "incompetent" but, specifically, CEOs, boards, individual directors and chairs of boards. Read more

Developing the strategic plan
A sound strategic plan helps an organization clarify its future direction, focus its energy, and ensure that everyone works toward the same goals. Read more

The ubiquitous CTO
As technology, financial, and business processes intertwine,
demand for the CrO's expertise will grow. Read more

Realize What Goes Around, Comes Around
Please repeat the following sentence in your mind until it becomes firmly entrenched in your management psyche: If I treat my employees like gold, then that is exactly what I will receive. Karma can be defined as your actions and the consequences of those actions. Every choice we make in life is like throwing a boomerang. The question is not whether or not the boomerang will come back because it most certainly will. The question is what will the boomerang bring back. The answer is that we always get back what we send out. Read more

Family Business CEO as Leader and Coach
Leading a family business is a tough job in the best of circumstances. How one balances the complex roles of business executive, family leader and fallible human being can lead to vastly different outcomes. Read more

Leadership That Pays
Relevance, responsibility and results is the next revolution of the new economy!

You have to ask a couple of questions. One is "How well respected is the management?" When people quit, they tend to leave because they´ve lost faith in their manager. A management team with a lot of respect can do a much better job of retaining employees in such an environment... Read more

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