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Effective Marketing Takes Time
Most marketing involves a noticeable delay between the work and the results. You have to design and pay for an ad, wait for it to come out, and wait for responses. Or, you write a script, telemarket to ten people, then make a second call and a third call before one or two of them spends money with you or invites you to make a bid. Read more

How To Set A Promotional Budget
One of the most difficult jobs you face each year is budgeting. It's a function that requires you to predict what you'll need, what it will cost and what will be the rewards. The most frequently asked question about promotional budgeting is "how much?" The real question should be: Read more

Endorsements Build Profits
Endorsements are an immediate way to make your selling process as much as five times more effective than it would be if you didn't use them. By having a respected person--or organization--endorse your product or service, you can add tremendous force and credibility to your sales message.
Read more

The Fool-Proof Positioning Statement
The best messages are the ones that are remembered easily. After all, if people can't find your message or remember it, then all is lost. Unfortunately, many would-be marketers don't adhere to this simple truism. They simply don't get the point across. People don't want to spend a second more time than they have to read messages. If you want to get your message across, it must be memorable. Not surprisingly, the best headlines in newspapers are short. Consider: War! Peace Declared! Kennedy Elected! Read more

How To Find Your Market
You have a great idea or product. Now the key to success is finding a market or avenue of distribution for your idea or product. Read more

Anti-BS Marketing
Marketing should be as natural as breathing, but it often comes across as artificial and phony. To build a relationship between your company and customers, you have to feel comfortable reaching out to people (marketing). This can make them more comfortable in trusting you. Read more

Plug (the Product) and Play
Advergames can reinforce a brand image, build a database of information about its users, directly target the market they want to hit -- all very inexpensively when compared to what it costs to advertise in other media. That's one of the reasons they've taken off since being introduced in the late 1990s. Read more

Marketing to African-American consumers: A sometimes-ignored gold mine
The African-American population is a fastgrowing, relatively untapped wealth of marketing opportunities. African Americans in all professions are moving up the ladder to the top tier of financial success. Many companies are missing this quiet yet powerful occurrence. This success presents numerous opportunities for companies to make their products and services available to this segment. Read more

Turbo-Charging Referral Marketing
A trend has emerged recently in business marketing. You might call it referral marketing on steroids. It involves a deliberate, structured program of soliciting and rewarding referrals from current customers. Read more

Giving new life to an old brand
Beverage companies continually evolve their products in small ways to keep up with changing consumers, but sometimes it takes a complete overhaul to breathe new life into a brand. Read more

The Most Effective Single Sheet of Paper in Marketing Is...
So the last couple of articles you´ve heard me gripe about how you should send more letters. Yip yip yip yip yip. Send more letters, send more letters. I sound like your mother when she told you not to get that tattoo, don´t I? And you´re still sorry you got it, aren´t you? Well, here´s the reason: letters are great marketing tools. Read more

Physician, Heal Thyself
I had a problem at last summer´s National Center for Database Marketing conference in Chicago and thought it was due to the maturity of the database marketing business. But I just ran into the same problem at net.marketing in Seattle last month. Now, I know it´s structural...and serious. Here´s the problem: None of the exhibitors could explain to me what their product did and how it was better than the next guy´s. Read more

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