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Small Business May Have To Wait For Obama’s Campaign Promises
Although President Elect Obama campaigned hard on proposed policies that could be economically beneficial to small business owners, these new policies may be put on the back burner while the new President struggles with the financial crisis and the ongoing debate over another stimulus package. MORE...

April 15 Looming: Small Biz Tax Time Advice
As April 15 approaches, small businesses need to assess their tax strategies. Here's some advice MORE

Squeezing Pennies Out of Business Software Purchases
From buying at the end of the fiscal year to doing as much as possible in-house to simply asking for lower prices, a company can save a lot by using its head. MORE

Urban Myths: Alligators and e-Filing
Contrary to what many people assume, using the Internet to pay business taxes is safe, efficient and doesn't require a high level of computer expertise. MORE

Bootstrapping 2.0: Smart, Marketable Ideas Trump Outside Capital
An idea—no matter how great—will fail if it is not supported by a solid business plan. Here are six things entrepreneurs should consider as they move from the drawing board to the real world. MORE

Needed Information For Efficient Buying Activity
A user needing purchased material or a purchased service should send the authorized buyer a standard written document to clearly communicate what is needed and avoid misunderstandings. The buyer should instruct the user on the proper way to prepare a requisition and provide data when necessary. Read more

Consider An Installment Sales Election To Get Some Tax Benefits From Your Accounts Receivable
Many taxpayers are aware that, if property is sold so that payments are received over a period of years, tax reporting can be done under the installment method. Under this method, taxes are deferred until payments are actually received. Read more

What Is Negotiation?
What do you think of when you hear the word negotiation? The president trying to persuade Congress to pass his budget? The former Los Angeles chief of police, Daryl Gates, trying to persuade the L.A. City Council he was worthy of retaining his job? Exxon fighting with the environmentalists to decide how much the company should pay to clean up the Alaskan shoreline marred by the Valdez oil spill? A department manager trying to secure more personnel or a larger budget? Labor and management locked in a twelfth-hour contract struggle? Buyer and seller haggling over the price of a house or a car? Most of us do tend to think of negotiation in terms of such win/lose scenarios. Read more

What Banks Look For In A New Business
Banks and institutions that lend money have a lot of knowledge about the success rate of small businesses. Bankers are often overly cautious in making loans to small businesses. For that very reason, it makes sense to study their approach, even though it may seem discouraging at first glance. Read more

How To Unleash A Flood Of Great Cost Cutting Ideas
Jump-start or re-energize your employees' involvement in creating money-saving and profitmaking ideas. Do it in a Smart-Power Brain-storming program tailored to what you want, at your workplace or at a site you choose. Start profiting from the untapped potential in yourself...in your associates...and in your employees. Read more

Look Before You Pay Your Phone Bill
All companies are vulnerable to overcharges on their telephone bills. Why? Because most receive several different bills each month, often from several different phone companies, each with its own unique billing structure and invoice design. The task of sorting through these bills is awesome. Read more

A Buy-Sell Agreement - The Basis For An Easier Parting Upon Death Or Split-Up
Do you believe that you are going to live forever? Have you thought of the possibility that you or your partner may someday want to go your separate ways? If you haven't thought of this or have not executed a buy-sell agreement, the future of your company and all that you have built may be in jeopardy. Read more

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