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10 Tips To Sell More By Phone, Part II
Kay Oswalt, a telesales rep with Shamrock optical uses this technique to prompt the reluctant prospect to make a decision, or to surface a real objection: "So you're waiting for ... what ... before you're going to give us a try?" Read more

10 Tips To Sell More By Phone, Part 1
"Send me some literature" can be a legitimate request, or a stall to get rid of you. Try this response: "I will. What specifically would you like to see?" This can be a major door-opener, will help determine if the person is sincere, and give you an idea of their interest level. If they can't describe what they're looking for, it's apparent they don't have a desire to see anything. If they mention specifics, you might be able to answer their requests by phone. Either way, you have a better idea of where you stand with them. Read more

Don't Get Caught Out On A Limb
Out on a limb--it's an old saying, yet at one time or another, everyone in sales has been caught out on the proverbial limb. Read more

24 Ways To Increase Your Sales
Just when we think we've grasped what's happening in business, something changes to disrupt the precarious balance. It may occur in the economy, an industry, a region, a particular market or technology that alters even the most flexible business plan. Read more

21 Tips For Telemarketing Success
If you have one of those cute numbers that spells something, you might miss calls if you don't also list the numerals on your printed material. I know there are bigger crises in life to worry about, but I personally get frustrated when I have to squint at the keypad to decode which letters go with what numbers. Read more

10 Tips To Sell More By Phone, Part X
1. Who Else Will Be Involved?

Knowing who else in an organization will influence the purchase helps you to formulate and implement your optimum sales approach. You can simply ask for this information: "Tell me, is there anyone else who will be involved in the final purchase decision?" When you get this information, it is helpful to draw up, and update your own organizational chart of the prospect's company after each call. In each person's box, fill in little tidbits of info about them. Then, by referring to the chart before each call, you are able to put yourself in the prospect's environment, and comprehend who else needs to be sold, and what needs to take place before you can win the deal. Read more

10 Tips To Sell More By Phone, Part IX
Never interrupt the other person when they are speaking, even if it's OK if they do it to you. What they have to say is most important. You want to make a statement reviewing what you said before the interruption, and then continue. "Yes, that's a good point. As I had mentioned before..." Read more

10 Tips To Sell More By Phone, Part VIII
To gather more--and better--information during your fact-finding, personalize your questions. For example, "Joe, I'd like your opinion on...." "Kathy, give me your personal feelings about...." "Mike, tell me how you would react to...." Donna, what are your thoughts on...." Read more

Nailing The Opener
Chances are that after you read this sentence, you'll decide whether to read the rest of this story. Still with me? You've just proved how important the first sentence of a sales letter is. Read more

10 Tips To Sell More By Phone, Part VI
The Words "love" and "hate" evoke emotion that can help your sales
effort. For example, "Wouldn't you love to go a month without your
copier failing?" And, "Don't you hate it when your order is late?" Read more

10 Tips To Sell More By Phone, Part V
Have you ever been turned off by someone's appearance. Regardless of what it was, we have all experienced a bit of prejudice because of the way a person looked. And no matter how objective we believe ourselves to be, this clouds our ability to deal with that individual in an unbiased way. The good news is that on the telephone we don't have to worry about our physical appearance. This allows us to concentrate more on enhancing the appearance that really counts on the phone: The way we sound. Read more

10 Tips To Sell More By Phone, Part IV
There are people in almost every office who like to stroll around and plant themselves in front of anyone who will listen to them. The topics are usually social and don't relate to how you can do better in your job....therefore you waste valuable selling time on mindless chit-chat. To tactfully indicate to the person that you need to get to work, try these ideas: Read more

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