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10 Tips To Sell More By Phone, Part III
Mary Armentrout with AT&T Paradyne finds this technique carries a heavier impact on opening statements:

"Hello, this is Mary Armentrout with AT&T Paradyne corporate headquarters. The reason for the call is . . . " Read more

5 Ways To Sell Your Product Or Service
Are you trying to make your small or home-based business go, but not getting as many customers as you want? It can be frustrating. You know you've got a winner, but the email isn't coming, the phone isn't ringing, and nobody is walking through the door. Read more

Are you listening?
Listening is a skill few people have mastered, but one which all successful sellers and buisness owners have. Read more

Even if you never place a cold call, you still have to reach people by phone. That customer who was so interested last month never called you back, and now you must call her. You call once, twice, three times, but you can't get her in person. How can you manage to close a sale if all you ever get is voice mail? Read more

Business Proposals...Learning To Live With Them
Written business proposals are an accepted and growing way to obtain new business. This can be a painful problem for small, growing businesses which are accustomed to dealing only through quotations and personal contact. Read more

How to Make Your Sales Promotions Work for You
Not every sales promotion works as it is intended or as successfully as its developers believe it will. Back in 1955 Quaker Oats had one of those not so successful ventures. To entice customers to buy more cereal they made what they thought was a great offer - one square inch of Yukon Territory. The cereal manufacturers bought 21 million of these mini-plots from the Canadian government for $10,000.00. When the promotion didn't pan out, Canada took the land back for $37.00 in back taxes!What can you learn from this failure? One thing is very clear. Even large organizations with extensive sales management and marketing research can make errors. Read more

How do you change the behavior of an experienced salesperson?
Every client I deal with, in one way or another, eventually asks that question. The words may be different, but the question is the same. In this turn-of-the-century economic environment, it's a universal question. If you haven't confronted the issue yet, it's only a matter of time before you will. Read more

10 Tips To Sell More By Phone, Part II
Kay Oswalt, a telesales rep with Shamrock optical uses this technique to prompt the reluctant prospect to make a decision, or to surface a real objection: "So you're waiting for ... what ... before you're going to give us a try?" Read more

The X Factor Of Super Salespeople
Sales managers, trainers, and average salespeople sometimes wonder what unknown quality makes the super salespeople of the world so good at what they do. Read more

Use This Script To Upsell Your Customers Like Crazy
Say to prospects, "My company will allow me to upgrade you to the superior service or package of services for only a nominal amount more than the good basic service you chose originally. Instead of having to pay two times more to move from our basic to our superior service, I can upgrade you or add it on for a modest amount more." (At this point you specify what the amount is.) Read more

How Is Your Lead Management System Working?
In my experience, the most neglected and inefficiently utilized part of the direct-mail loop among even the most sophisticated marketing companies is the lead management phase. Read more

10 Tips To Sell More By Phone, Part One
"Send me some literature" can be a legitimate request, or a stall to get rid of you. Try this response: "I will. What specifically would you like to see?" This can be a major door-opener, will help determine if the person is sincere, and give you an idea of their interest level. If they can't describe what they're looking for, it's apparent they don't have a desire to see anything. If they mention specifics, you might be able to answer their requests by phone. Either way, you have a better idea of where you stand with them... Read more

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