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Creating a Web Site for Your Service Business
If you're interested in setting up shop on the Internet to promote your service, these simple strategies will help you bring in the business. Read more

Can Three Words In Webster's Dictionary Be The Key To Customer Loyalty?
Are you concerned about customer loyalty? Are your customers so loyal that they will stick with you through hell and high water? And if not, you really need to question how you can create a customer relationship that’s so gluey, that you never go bluey in the face. Funnily you don’t have to go far. Reach for your Webster’s dictionary and you’ll discover a hidden secret to customer loyalty. Read more

General Ideas For Closing Success
Don't rush the sales cycle... Read more

How to Make Your Sales Promotions Work for You
Not every sales promotion works as it is intended or as successfully as its developers believe it will. Back in 1955 Quaker Oats had one of those not so successful ventures. To entice customers to buy more cereal they made what they thought was a great offer - one square inch of Yukon Territory. The cereal manufacturers bought 21 million of these mini-plots from the Canadian government for $10,000.00. When the promotion didn't pan out, Canada took the land back for $37.00 in back taxes!What can you learn from this failure? One thing is very clear. Even large organizations with extensive sales management and marketing research can make errors. Read more

10 Second Lead Followup
The impressions you make during the first ten seconds can make or break following-up a lead on the phone. Plan your approach by asking yourself these questions. Read more

The Objection-Answering Process
Here is an effective way to answer objections. Read more

What Elicits A Positive Or Negative Reaction From The Prospect
How a customer's impressions are affected during the closing process. Read more

Dig Deep To Uncover Hidden Desires
Think of a sale as a treasure chest. It's buried somewhere, and to find it, you have to read a map: the prospect. Read more

Handling Sales Objections
Whether you've been selling for a day, a week, or a number of years, you know that whenever you make sales calls, there are objections. But objections are really your opportunity to sell. They give you a chance to focus on the major issues that concern your prospect, and turn them to your advantage in order to make the appointment and, later, the sale. Read more

Selling your business
If you’ve been successful in your business, your efforts have crystallised into a worthy possession, then this would have been the ride of your life. Maybe you think the time has come to loosen the grip and let others take over or just feel that its time to come out now or you just need capital for a new venture. Read more

How to Recover Lost Customers
An average company will lose half its customers every five years. Such turnover hurts profitability and the brand. A three-point system can recover lost customers and boost customer equity. MORE

Are You Guilty Of Information Overload?
Product knowledge is a necessity, but sometimes too much can be a dangerous thing. Think about your presentation and the type of people you're addressing. Extensive data, four-syllable words, and the latest technical phrases have their place, but if you use them constantly, your prospect's mind might start to wander. At what point will your words and phrases start to make no sense? Read more

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