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The logic here is simple but powerful. Your version of "versatility" (moving funds from one account to another) and the client's version of the word may be miles apart. The consultative rep listens for words that may have a broad interpretation and attempts to bring focus to the objection... Read more

Selling is a Contact Sport: Keys to Effective Phone Calling
Its been said that salespeople who avoid making phone calls have skinny children. Prospecting for new business is critically important and for the majority of salespeople, it is by far the most challenging and stressful aspect of their profession. Successful salespeople are proactive and recognize the importance of prospecting for new business daily. They donīt have to be reminded to ask for referrals or follow up on a sales lead, they do it automatically. This article is packed full of helpful phone calling tips and techniques which, if put into practice, will fill your appointment calendar with new business opportunities! Read more

The missing ingredient in your sales plan? Another look at incentive compensation
You're confident that your products are innovative and competitive, your staff is well-trained and equipped, you are targeting the right markets, and you are paying your salespeople well. Certainly, the economy and the regulatory environment could be better, but they are out of your control. You had pretty complete information when you set your goals and you did your best to make them realistic. You've added a new sales contest, gone on the road to "pump up the troops," even accelerated some product development, and yet, despite all you have done, it looks like your goals were set too high again this year.
What gives? Read more

Sales-driven just doesn't do it anymore
With effusive CEO testimonials and countless articles and books describing how companies have transformed themselves into tightly focused, totally energized commerce machines, it would seem that change should be easy. Let's face it. If it were simple, there would be more of it. Even when the evidence for change is compelling, most companies continue to cling to the known, the familiar. Read more

A New Tool for Business School?
The first tool weīll explore is The Credo. Previously, I had spent time with Robert and, over the course of a few weeks, he helped me create my Credo for Family Business Strategies. In a little less than a paragraph, I had been able to clearly and succinctly explain what we do to absolutely anyone. If they wanted more information, I could flesh out my explanation, but in the mean time, I had delivered the allegation: `This is what we do, and this is how our clients benefit.ī Read more

Let Your Customers Be Control Freaks
Even in the face of the recent dot-com shakeout, consumer confidence in actually buying products online has increased to the point where it is now an accepted part of our culture. But at the same time, the expectations of Internet shoppers have increased significantly. Read more

Information Sells! How to Boost Sales by Educating Your Customers
There's an old saying in business that goes: "The more you tell, the more you sell." Or, according to Sy Syms, the legendary discount clothing retailer, "An Educated Consumer is the best customer." Read more

Converting More Online Sales: What's Working
For more than 400 years the central proposition of the Inquisition was “convert or die”. After the death of eToys.com that proposition isn’t far from the reality faced by online retailers of all stripes. Every pure-play and BAM retailer, undergoing inquisitions from investors, wants to know what to do to sell more, faster and to generate repeat business, especially when 60-70% of customers who select merchandise on transactional sites abandon their shopping carts. As the economy sputters, and the appetite for spending fades, the race is on to leverage existing technology investments and to optimize conversions. Read more

Make Your Site a Sales Machine
The fact is that most online retailers don’t really sell anything. Of course, plenty of you conduct sales transactions, but for the most part you just present a product and hope someone buys it. There’s no real selling strategy involved. Read more

In Lead Management, The Best Process Wins
As dull as this may sound, the secret to success in BTB is in process. Itīs not about marketing creativity. Itīs not even about conducting more or better lead generation campaigns. The leverage lies in converting more inquiries into qualified leads and, then, more qualified leads into sales. Read more

What to do About Low Response Rates
One of the theoretical big pluses of ecommerce was that its lower marketing costs would make it more profitable than all other shopping channels, both retail and remote shopping. However, one of the most perplexing problems is the low prospecting response rates everyone is experiencing.
There are five basic ways one can drive traffic to a website. They are email campaigns, traditional advertising, viral marketing, portals and traditional direct marketing such as catalogs. Read more

Sales Growth, Whose Job Is It Anyway?
Internal sales growth is one of the most difficult challenges facing CEOs. Year-to-year sales increases are a struggle and the road is littered with failed initiatives and/or top line increases that fail to dramatically improve profits. Excuses for lack of performance far outweigh creative solutions to improve sales and profits. As a result, CEO frustration increases as the search for profitable sales growth continues to be elusive. Read more

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