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Human Resources

Staying Sharp When Crossing Time Zones
It sounds sensible to suggest altering bedtimes for three or four days before jetting away on business. But few executives can afford to disrupt their heavy schedules just because they're leaving town tomorrow or later this week. In fact, one often has to go with even less sleep and sharply busier schedules for several days before a trip in the effort to clear one's desk and get ready to do business abroad. Read more

Health And High Performance Companies Invest In Fitness
In 1985, it was estimated that if corporate America did not take action within the ensuing eight years, health care costs would eliminate all profits from the average Fortune 500 company. Now, as corporations reevaluate their approach to achieve a healthy bottom line, the number of companies that promote employee health has risen dramatically. Dr. Richard Keelor, a past-president of the Association for Fitness in Business, says, "Top management is recognizing physical fitness as a prudent investment in the health, vigor, morale, and longevity of the men and women who are any company's most valuable asset." Read more

The Last Word On Jet Lag
The next time somebody brings up jet lag, glance briefly at the ceiling, then tell them: "You mean, of course, circadian dischronism." That should shut them up. If you can take care of that, we'll do the rest right here. You shouldn't have to talk, read or worry about jet lag again for months. Read more

10 Ways To Reduce Stress On The Job
For many people, corporate life can be a pressure cooker. Here are ten simple techniques you can use to reduce stress and tension on the job. Read more

Repetitive Motion And Stress Causing Most Workers' Comp Claims
"Alphabet soup" injuries are the fastest-growing types of injuries
causing workers' comp claims. Read more

Comfortable Work
The science of comfort and convenience is called ergonomics, and it has taken great leaps in the last few years. More and more people and business owners realize that poor ergonomics means a poorly designed workspace, and that means more rapid fatigue, injuries, frustration and dissatisfaction. Read more

Worksite Wellness
Employee wellness programs are usually initiated for specific reasons. Maybe the CEO just had a heart attack and has discovered the benefits of exercise and low-fat diets. Maybe the vice president of human resources is concerned about the 30-percent increase in health insurance premiums this year. Read more

Fire Up Employees with Stories
The speed of change in today’s world is so disorienting, people are struggling to maintain their equilibrium and sense of well-being. In times of chaos, and especially when basic needs are threatened, strong leadership is more important than ever. Because people are looking to the workplace now for all their needs--professional development, social activities, on-site health care and child care services--strong leadership is especially critical. Read more

Technology Driven 401(k) 's: Same Features, Less Cost
It’s no secret to small and medium-sized business owners that benefit costs increase each year. In fact according to the Center for Health System Change (HSC), health plan costs in 2003 increased an average of 15%, the largest increase in at least a decade. While health care and other benefits are spiraling upward, few employers are aware that retirement plan costs for smaller businesses have actually been reduced over the last few years. Read more

Negotiate Your Way To A Better Salary
Do you feel you're underpaid? Or that you'd like to be making more money? Or deserve a bigger bonus this year? The only way to get what you want is to negotiate. Although the thought of talking with the boss about salary and compensation gives most of us butterflies, it's really easy if you follow a few simple negotiating rules: Read more

Evaluating The Team Member's Role
The employee who accepts responsibility for doing a task carries the burden of seeing that the task is completed as promised. The most effective way to evaluate a team member is by comparing results with objectives. Actual results would determine if the team member succeeded. Don't let personality factors cloud your judgment. Evaluation must be objective. Read more

Relationships KEY to Family Business Success
Perhaps the single most important element in the success or failure of a family business is the relationship among key members of the business family. Read more

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