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Human Resources

How to keep good employees? Hire good employees
The first step in keeping good employees is hiring well. Begin with the end in mind. What do you want? Specifically, what does an exemplary employee look like? What does he do? How does he act? What specific outcomes do you expect from him? Read more

Techniques to reduce stress
We all experience various forms of stress in our lives. Some of us, the exception rather than the rule, thrive on it. Some others among us muddle through. And for others, the stress causes serious health and work problems. Read more

Keeping a staff motivated through training and development
When you think about training, you think about the reasons why you train someone. Those reasons can range from a new-hire needing training on how the department and/or company operates, to introducing a new concept to a workgroup or a new computer system. Whatever the reason for conducting a training session, it is important for a company to develop a comprehensive, ongoing and consistent training program. This training program will be essential in keeping your staff motivated about learning new concepts and keeping your department profitable. Read more

Secrets to organizational greatness
Is there a consultant who, in the course of a professional career, wouldn't give all to be affiliated with at least one "great organization"? Preferably to play a part in developing that greatness? Or at least to observe firsthand, learn, and gain inspiration from such a relationship?

So, what is a great organization, and how can you recognize one? or a potential one? Read more

Emotional connections to work
North American employees have intense emotions about their work - and right now, a lot of that emotion is negative, according to a unique new study by global human resource consultant Towers Perrin and its research partner Gang & Gang. The study also identifies the elements of an ideal work experience, one that can transform current negative emotion into positive emotion, and shows why this is so important for employers. Read more

Minimise negativity
The workplace is where almost every working adult spends a lot of his or her time at. It is a known fact that the surroundings of an employee can greatly affect his or her productivity. In an organisation where targets are set, work is taken seriously and performance is measured without any biasness, one would likely find employees who are productive and motivated. Read more

Keep your staff--even without the big pay increases
The tight economy may help firms hold onto their best staff after this busy season-but it will take more than fear and a sluggish job market to keep people around for the long run. The raises and bonuses that, by tradition, you offer after the busy season may be smaller than in the past, but you can take other steps to retain your best staff CPAs and administrative staff. Read more

Sluggish sales? Ways to get past the excuses and increase profits
Many organizations blame the economy when sales stagnate. What a timely crutch they have found! However, blaming the economy for sluggish sales makes about as much sense as thanking the economy when revenues rise. Read more

The Art Of The Interview Question
Gathering information is the key to competent interviewing, and nothing is more important than an ability to be flexible in your questioning techniques; you must do it so smoothly that no one
realizes it but you. A questioning style that is appropriate in one instance may give you false, misleading, or--worse still--no information at all in another instance. The following 12 techniques will help you ring the changes as the situation demands and ensure that you strike the right note every time. Read more

Many Small Businesses Struggle with Human Resources Issues
Many small-business owners complain they spend more time worrying about who called in sick, who's not getting along and screening job candidates than expanding their businesses. But because they tend to view HR as an expense and are sometimes reluctant to relinquish control, they may not recognize when it is time to bring professionals on board. Read more

Planning Advised Before Hiring
"We're glad you're here," your boss said with a warm smile and an armful of employee handbooks, policies and forms. With that, and a quick tour of the office, you became a dutiful member of Company XYZ. Read more

Dos and don'ts at review time
For employers, performance reviews are critical tools for measuring the extent to which an employee's performance meets the requirements of their position. Employers also use performance reviews to help to establish goals, open channels of communication, and strengthen the relationship between employer and employee. Read more

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