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By Carl Weinschenk


Contact Info: Swichvox; 888-881-3560.

Product Name: SonicWALL TZ Series firewall appliances

Type of Product: IP PBX for small to medium sized business

Provisioning: In-house

Product Description: Switchvoxs PBX solution allows SMBs to create and manage their phone system, using VoIP services and traditional analog lines. Switchvox is a turnkey solution including server hardware and pre-installed Switchvox software.

Size Business Optimized For: 1 to 200 employees

Pricing: $995.00

Expertise Required: Beginners can operate Switchvox. It also has advanced features that can integrate with outside applications written by application developers.

Comment: Switchvox's simple pricing allows growth without incurring costs for additional users or features. Use of open standards avoids proprietary equipment lock in. The turnkey nature and Web-based administration makes integration into existing systems simple.

3Com Corporation

Contact Info: Jeff Carpenter, Product Marketing Manager; 508.323.5000; 3Com

Product Name: 3Com NBX V3000 IP Telephony Solution

Type of Product: IP Telephony Platform

Provisioning: In-house.

Product Description: The 3Com NBX V3000 IP telephony offers integrated voice messaging, auto attendant; browser-based management and other features. It can optimize services and minimize the need for additional personnel.

Size Business Optimized For: 2 to 40 users

Pricing: $1,995 for the basic call processor unit including four analog central office gateway ports, four auto-attendant/voice mail ports and 400 hours of voice mail storage, one analog station-side gateway port for fax machine, support for 250 IP phones (expandable to 1,500 devices) and 15 free 3Com IP phone licenses.

Level expertise required by customer to operate: Basic networking, some telephony.

Time America

Contact Info: Sales: Jon Weiss, Vice President of Business Development; 303-460-1554; jonw@timeamerica.com; Time America

Product Name: ExtendTime

Type of VoIP Product(s): IP Phone software application

Provisioning: In-house and hosted

Product Description: Web-based workforce management application that increases operational efficiencies and reduces the cost of payroll processing by using VoIP to manage employee daily time and attendance systems.

Size Business Optimized For: 50 employees and up

Pricing: Licensed based on employee count. Hosted solution based on a per-employee per-month usage fee.

Level expertise required: Knowledge of IP phone network and ability to use an IP Phone.

Comment: ExtendTime tracks employee time, attendance and other HR data from an IP Phone.


Contact Info: Vonexus; 888.817.5904

Product: Enterprise Interaction Center

Type Product: IP telephony software solutions

Provisioning: In-house

Product Description: EIC is a standards-based, all-software IP PBX designed exclusively for Microsoft SMB customers. EIC offers integrated voice mail, ACD-based workgroup routing and call queuing, conferencing, on-demand call recording and other features. EIC is pre-integration to Microsoft Business Solutions applications, including Great Plains and Navision for data management and Outlook and Exchange. It includes an Internet chat server for Web services and integrated self-service automation.

Size Business Optimized For: Microsoft SMB customers with between 50 and 1,000 employees and distributed and highly mobile organizations.

Pricing: $350 to $750 per station, excluding options and installation.

Level expertise required: None.

Comment: EIC is standards-based and pre-integrated for fast start-up and low total cost of ownership. Microsoft-centric architecture also means startups can leverage Exchange and Outlook, SQL Server, and other Microsoft back-end products..cbeyond.net; 877 441-9783 Cbeyond>

Product: Comprehensive communications services for small businesses, including packaged local and long distance voice services, high speed T-1 broadband access and additional productivity-enhancing applications.

Provisioning: Private, managed IP network that connect via T-1.

Product Description: BeyondVoice packages include local and long distance voice services, broadband Internet access, email, voicemail, secure backup & fileshare, web hosting, VPN remote user, VPN and more. End-to-end management provides full service and support to small business customers.

Size Business Optimized For: 4 to 200 employees.

Pricing: $495 a month and up

Experience Required: None.

Comment: Cbeyond is a voice and broadband provider focused solely on small businesses that are underserved by local phone companies and lack in-house resources to manage their telecom and technology services.

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Carl Weinschenk is the Editorial Director of SmartBiz.
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