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Glossary of Advertising Media Terms
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Above The Fold: In the context of banner ad placement, above the fold generally refers to a banner placement on a web page that can be viewed without scrolling either horizontally or vertically. Most online ad networks define suitable above the fold placement as within 500 or 600 pixels of the top of the page.

Accumulative audience: See Cumulative audience.

Across the board: A program that is broadcast at the same timeperiod every day (see Strip).

Adjacency: A program or a commercial announcement that is adjacent to another either preceding or following, on the same station.

Ad Network: Ad networks (advertising network, banner network, online ad network) are advertising companies which administer ad sales, billing, serving and collection for web sites. Ad networks often aggregate sites into specific categories or demographic groups, then sell ad inventory to advertisers either to specific sites within the networks, specific categories or demographics, or via run of network buys which target sites within the network. Ad networks can sell ad inventory on CPM, CPC, CPA and other revenue models. A reviewed list of ad networks can be found here at Internet Ad Sales.

Ad Server: A third-party system composed of powerful server hardware, ad serving software, and a powerful internet connection, used by advertisers and web publishers for rapid and reliable display of online advertisements. An important component of ad servers is independent tracking of ad display and click information. Many ad networks, including Burst and Fastclick, offer separately licensed versions of their own ad servers which may be used by web publishers who manage some or all of their own advertising sales rather than outsourcing to ad networks.

Ad Views: The number of times a specific ad has been displayed. Many ad networks sell advertising using a CPM model, in which ads are purchased and web publishers reimbursed at a fixed rate per thousand impressions.

Affiliate: A broadcast station that grants a network an option ofspecific times for broadcasting network programming in return for compensation.

Agate line: Newspaper advertising space one column wide by one-fourteenth of an inch deep; often referred to simply as "line"; somewhat obsolete because most newspapers now use "column inch"measurements of advertising space, especially for national adver-tising.

Agency commission: Usually 15 percent, allowed to advertising agencies by media on the agencies' purchase of media space or time.

Agency of record: Advertising agency that coordinates an advertiser's promotion of several products handled by more than a single agency (see Blanket contract).

Agency recognition: Acknowledgment by media owners that certain advertising agencies are good credit risks and/or fulfill certain requirements, thus qualifying for a commission.

Air check: Recording a broadcast to serve as an archival or file copy.

Allotment: The number and type of outdoor posters in a showing (see howing).

Alternate sponsorship: Two advertisers who sponsor a single program-one advertiser sponsors one week and the other sponsors the alternate week (see Crossplugs).

Animated GIF: A graphic image in GIF (graphical interchange format) format composed of multiple layers which display in turn, providing the illusion of motion. A large percentage of non rich-media banner ads are in animated GIF format. Animated GIF banners have historically generated higher click-through rates than static images. However, as web users have grown more mature, some studies indicate that blinking or flashing images are more often automatically ignored, as users have come to assume that any animated image on a page is an advertisement.

Announcement: An advertising message that is broadcast between programs (see Station break, Participation, Billboard), or an advertisement within a syndicated program or feature film; any broadcast commercial regardless of time length, within or between programs, that presents an advertiser's message or a public service message.

American Research Bureau (ARB): One of several national firms engaged in radio and television research; the founder of Arbitron ratings.

Annual rebate: See Rebate.

Area of Dominant Influence (ADI): Arbitron measurement area that comprises those counties in which stations of a single originating market account for a greater share of the viewing households than those from any other market; similar to Nielsen's Designated Market Area.

Audience: Persons who receive an advertisement; individuals who read a newspaper or magazine, listen to a radio broadcast, view a television broadcast, and so on.

Audience accumulation: The total number of different persons or households exposed to a single media vehicle over a period of time (see Cumulative audience.

Audience composition: Audience analysis expressed in demographic terms or other characteristics.

Audience duplication: Those persons or households who see an advertisement more than once in a single media vehicle or in a combination of vehicles.

Audience flow: The movement of a broadcast audience's attention from one station to another when the program changes, measured against the audience that stays tuned to the same station or network to view the new program (see Holdover audience).

Audience profile: The minute-by-minute viewing pattern for a program; a description of the characteristics of the people who are exposed to a medium or vehicle (see Profile).

Audience turnover: That part of a broadcast audience that changes over time (see Audience flow).

Audimeter: A:C: Nielsen Company's automatic device attached to radio or television receiving sets that records usage and station information (see People meter).

Availability: A broadcast time period that is open for reservation by an advertiser in response to an advertiser's or agency's initial inquiry (slang "avail").

Average audience: The number of broadcast homes that are tuned in for an average minute of a broadcast.

Average exposure: The average (mean) number of times that each audience member has been exposed to an advertisement.

Average net paid circulation: Average (mean) number of copies that apublication distributes per issue.

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