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My Ultimate Marketing Funnel...For Now
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By Suzanne Falter-Barns

Iíve been seized by the need to clean house in my business lately Ė to get rid of all the systems Iíve dutifully clung to for the last year that donít work, and really dig into the ones that do. This is not unlike opening your freezer one day and realizing you have a LOT of perfectly good food thatís getting ignored in its frozen state, while you eat peanut butter sandwich after peanut butter sandwich.

Time to defrost and upgrade!

To get clear on what works and what doesnít, I took the advice of my business coach, Rich Schefren, and created a marketing funnel. This is a grid that looks something like this, with certain measurements down the left margin and your various marketing techniques across the top.

(By the way Ö why is this my Ultimate Marketing Funnel For Now? Because Iíve really found that as technology whizzes along itís best to stay loose and flexible from month to month on whatís working and whatís not. Iím always open for the next great thing in terms of getting known. So I advise all to stay loose!)

To make a marketing funnel, you simply use your various tracking tools like web or blog statistics, sales records, and ad tracking logs to figure out what works, and plug those stats right in.

  Net Articles Email Sales Calls Affiliates Blog Podcast Ezine
Annual Budget              
Cost Per Response              
Lead Cost              
Closing %              
Avg Cost per Customer              
Total Customers              
Total Revenue              

*ROI is return on investment Ė the percentage of how much youíve made in profit versus how much you spent.

Some of your categories for the top that arenít included here are Pay Per Click ads, Referrals, PR, Postcard
Campaigns/Mail and Hard Newsletters. Feel free to make this as big an as elaborate as you want. Then refer to it when youíre revising just how you market from time to time.

So hereís what Iíve changed about my marketing funnel (and Iím willing to be wrong here, so let me know if these tactics are really workiní for you.)

1. TRACK TRACK TRACK. This is a no-brainer, but Iím sorry to say I only tracked about half of my promo tools so far. Duh. I advise you to do better. Track everything! 1shoppingcart.com (which I recommend for everything from sales and affiliate management to ezine broadcasting) has a great Ad Tracker tool just for this. You canít keep a working funnel without tracking.

2. Drop automated article submissions. In the two years Iíve put my articles out on the Web, Iíve expanded my Google presence by about 2000% percent. Which is great. But Iím just not convinced it will pay off in sales. For now Iím going to lay off on submissions til the end of the year and see how/whatís affected. It could just be my bio line is weak.

3. Beef up the blog networking. I barely get out to other blogs and make blog friends. Yet, that is exactly how some of my clients have beefed up their unique visitor counts to upwards of 20,000 per month. Thatís phenomenal! I want some of that, too. Blog carnivals are also a good idea.

4. Create more online events with JVís. This is a hot area for me Ė Iíve doubled my list this year to 7500 just by offering all kinds of freebies and getting out to more audiences. Gotta love that!

5. Drop one of my ezines and consolidate. Yep, itís time for the Joy Letter to move on to history at issue #150. I simply donít have the time to keep it going any more. Iíll be serving these folks better by consolidating and asking them to move on to this list. And Iíll keep them on file and let them know occasionally when something fun and free is happening on the How Much Joy site, which will continue along with the Blast O Joy blog.

6. Podcast more. Three times per month should do it.

7. Post more often on my blog. Iím going to really consolidate and dig in here with Get Known Now Blog. The list and sales conversion rate is great from it, people get lots of buzz going on it, and it needs to get much more of my attention. My goal is 7X per week, which Iíll do with a combo of fresh and canned (pre-arranged) posting each day.

8. Focus on affiliates and professional referral sources more. Iíve never listed my products with big affiliate sites like Commission Junction, and I almost never do anything to psyche up my affiliates to sell more or promote more of my freebies. And yet Ė there are more than 450 of them! Time for a little inspiration methinks. And consider also that I could hook my products up with more training organizations. What professional referral sources would work for your message and products?

Iíd love to know whatís worked for you lately and what hasnít. Let me know at info@getknownnow.com.

Suzanne Falter-Barns runs The Get Known Now Blog.

Suzanne Falter-Barns writes The Get Known Now Blog.
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