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Creating Time... 3 Proven Principles to Make it Happen for You
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By John-Paul Micek

"People that would never think of committing suicide or ending their life would think nothing of dribbling their life away in useless minutes and hours every day." -- Thomas Carlisle

Have you ever wondered why some people consistently accomplish more than others with the same amount of time? Every person has the same 24 hours in a day, yet some seem to have more time and fewer excuses about what they couldnīt accomplish. What separates winners from whiners in business? It is their use of time.

Did you know that winners have a secret reserve account of time they can draw on? Would you like to know how you can open an account like that? In this article, Iīll share three proven principles with you to get you started in building that account and on your way to the winnerīs circle. But before we get into the principles, just let me share the dominant focus that permeates the thoughts of consistent winners.

To explain it simply, winners make decisions that create the future they desire, while whiners make decisions that create the present they desire. If you are not willing to embrace this concept and allow a change in thinking, I am sorry to say that you may as well save yourself some time right now and stop reading. These principles will not work if this mind-set seems foreign to you. Think about it for a moment, and then decide whether you agree with this focus or not. If you agree, then read on...

Congratulations! You are among the best of the best. You reside in the achiever category at the top of the performance chain. How do I know that? Because only the top 10 percent of the population wants to better themselves, and that is why you are reading this. Now letīs get to the first three principles.

Principle #1: Leverage your focus. Winners leverage every minute of every day in the most effective way possible. They make every minute count. They do not let the "mundane" interfere with their focus. They donīt waste one minute on what other people see as urgent or important if it does not align with their goals. (This of course requires that you have clearly defined goals and an action plan, but that is a subject for another article.)

To create time, you must shift your focus from minutes and hours to targeted actions. You need to leverage the hours that you do have to focus them only on the actions that will yield exponential results. Identify the activities that you take part in on a daily or weekly basis that yield little or no long-term benefits in relation to your goals. Then eliminate or at the very least minimize them. Iīve seen this step alone open up more than eight hours per week for some clients. What does this require? Banish the whining and hold on to the winning mind-set. There are some sacrifices that need to be made to reach the top.

Coaches Corner: For example, the average person, just by eliminating coffee breaks or combining coffee breaks with meetings, can create two full workweeks in a year. Those eighty hours can be used to generate more income, spend more time with family or enhance your health with three hours of aerobic activity per week for half a year. Hereīs how. Letīs assume the average person takes two twenty-minute breaks a day. Over the course of a year that is 166 hours figuring on two weeks of vacation. Thatīs over four forty-hour workweeks added to your year. You have just created an additional 166 hours of time in your year. Try the same calculation with lunch.

Does this mean that you never take time for yourself? Of course not. This is your time that you create. Who is the one benefiting from all that extra time you have gained? You are of course, with increased income, enhanced relationships, or an extended life span due to better health. Remember that winners make decisions that create the future they desire while whiners make decisions that create the present they desire. Make the shift from a short-term focus to the long-term, and youīll find you can create time in many areas where there appeared to be none.

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