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SmartBiz Industry Expert

Greg DiFalco
Internet Marketing Consultant

Greg DiFalco has been working on the Internet since he graduated Hofstra University in 1997. As an independent Internet marketing consultant, he can always be found optimizing a website or managing a paid advertising campaign.

He can be reached at gdifalco@yahoo.com.

Email Marketing and Maternity Stores
For generations now, maternity stores have relied on word of mouth to generate new customers. MORE
Stimulus or "Pork"ulus?
We at SmartBiz have made up our minds about President Obama's economic stimulus package that appears to be valued at almost $820B by latest estimates. However, we won't bore you with our opinions! What's your opinion? Is there any relief for your business? How will this affect your business? Would you be happy only with tax cuts, or do you want to see a piece of the pie? MORE
Post-Holiday Search Engine Marketing Tactics
Now that the holidays are over, itís time to consider new tactics for marketing your website online. In December, we recommended an ďall hands on deckĒ approach to capitalize on higher consumer activity among the gift-giving and buying crowd. But in January, February, and beyond, we suggest taking a much more calculated approach to driving traffic and obtaining sales/leads/pageviews to your website. MORE
Blog: How Do You Know What Insurance Is Right for Your Business?
Todayís article, "How Do You Know What Insurance Is Right for Your Business?" focuses on wading through the insurance quagmire as a small business owner. Do you have a dynamite insurance agent youíd like to recommend? Feel free to include contact information below and tell us whatís so great about your agent. MORE
Times Are Tough - Unemployment Resources
According to the Department of Labor, nonfarm payroll job losses in December were 524,000. While this was slightly less than analysts were expecting, itís still very bad news for the economy. The December jobless rate hit 7.2%, the highest in 16 years. MORE
If Layoffs Are Necessary, Protect Your Business
According to an AP report today, the number of newly laid off people signing up for state unemployment insurance last week rose to 540,000. Times are tough. We here at SmartBiz understand the decision to lay off workers is the toughest decision you might have as a business owner or decisionmaker. There are some resources you can use to make sure your company is protected. See our "General Release for Employment Termination" and "Termination Checklist and Form" documents. We hope you have no occasion to use these. MORE
Blog - Do You Have Email and Internet Usage Policies in Place?
Have you ever caught one of your employees tapping the ALT and TAB keys quickly as you walk up to them to hide what they were doing on their computer? As an employee, have you ever done this? The answer is probably yes because we all have! Our report, gives you some necessary tips to create email and Internet usage policies for your company. MORE
Last Second E-Commerce Tips Before "Christmas Cutoff"
Well, there are literally only days left before the ever-popular "Christmas-Cutoff," the day before which orders must be placed in order to receive items in time for Christmas. With day approaching (depending on where you are in the country), here are some final tips ... MORE
Google AdWords Now To Support Ads On iPhones
On Monday, the Google AdWords team announced that AdWords advertisers can now have the option to display desktop text and image ads on the iPhone , the T-Mobile G1, and other devices that have full HTML Internet browsers. Advertisers can now point to regular desktop landing pages instead of mobile landing pages for their ads. This new feature of AdWords is an additional option. MORE
Top 5 SEM Tips to Get More Online Sales This Holiday Season
Competition on the web is at its highest point ever. How can we make such a general statement? Have you seen how much youíre paying for keywords in your Google AdWords or Yahoo Search Marketing accounts? One area that isnít necessarily hurt by the poor economy is online advertising spending. MORE

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Stimulus or "Pork"ulus?
Blog: How Do You Know What Insurance Is Right for Your Business?
If Layoffs Are Necessary, Protect Your Business
Blog - Do You Have Email and Internet Usage Policies in Place?
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